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Перевод слова

Перевод: shrink speek shrink

усадка ; сокращение в объеме;
садиться (о материи); давать усадку; сжиматься; ежиться; сморщиваться; сокращаться; сморщивать; сокращать; уплотнять; усыхать; отпрянуть; отступить; отшатнуться; уклоняться; избегать; закрывать окно; уменьшать размер окна


  1. The dearth of new commercial building projects means the stockpile - equivalent to 14 weeks sales for Ibstock - is not going to shrink in a hurry.
  2. Mr Baker was applauded when he said: "He did not shrink from doing what was right
  3. Sport Around The World: Heading a heavy football can shrink your brain
  4. Mr Martin predicts that plant capacity will shrink by 3% this year (compared with a fall of 8% in 1980).
  5. But colleges shrink ultimately from stopping a person doing what he is ardent to do and forcing him to do what he is bored to do.
  6. I'm not a bloody American, you know - rushing to a shrink is not my idea of a hobby or a good day out.
  7. Fast guys tire, a basketball coach once said of his own high-rise team, but big guys don't shrink.
  8. Although you can shrink a hall by various techniques, it is not ideal.
  9. Under the existing Gramm-Rudman law, the deficit is due to shrink to zero by 1993.
  10. We do not shrink from the real choices for our country.
  11. She had been lucky so far; she had not yet been caught, not yet been dragged off to some shrink and asked for explanations.
  12. The British aircraft industry was expected to shrink to only a fifth of its existing size, giving the USA an enormous head start.
  13. Furthermore, as more gaps appear so the hedges gradually shrink.

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