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Перевод слова

Перевод: show speek show

показ ; демонстрация ; выставка ; зрелище; шоу; спектакль ; вечер ; вид ; внешний вид; видимость ; показная пышность; показная парадность; дело; предприятие; организация ; возможность проявить свои силы; удобный случай; бой ; операция ;
показывать; появляться; указать; выставлять; устраивать выставку; демонстрировать; проводить; устраивать; давать; проявлять; оказывать; проявляться; быть видным; казаться; предъявлять; явить; доказывать; подтверждать; ввести; вывести; оскаливать


  1. Show me a patriot and I'll show you an idiot.
  2. Transfer Theatre open their new devised music-theatre show THE TIME OF HER LIFE at the end of January and then go on a tour throughout the North West, Midlands and South until March.
  3. On the next page we show how easy it will be to pile on the pounds tomorrow - and give you an alternative diet for the day.
  4. In order to claim that you have been constructively dismissed, you must show that:
  5. Which is why the NORMAC stand at this year's Royal Norfolk Show made a pleasant change.
  6. Involvement in the Christmas show (lighting and sound) and the school's sailing club are some of his more recent activities.
  7. The list is long: the government's decision in August 1985 to lean on the BBC Board of Governors not to show a Real Lives programme featuring interviews with terrorists in Northern Ireland; its prohibition of broadcasts with terrorist groups in Northern Ireland; its prosecution of newspapers which revealed the contents of the Spycatcher book of memoirs by a retired MI5 agent, Peter Wright; its robust dismissal of the dissenting views of senior figures in the Church of England, senior civil servants, and university spokesmen; its appointments to various quangos and nationalized industries; and its controls on local government.
  8. Variety show
  9. Inland Revenue figures show a rise of nearly 10% a year in the post-tax value of bequests in the 1980s.
  10. After years of blatant unfaithfulness, Mangon formed a serious relationship with a soubrette in the show.
  11. JOHN WHITAKER began The Horse of the Year Show on the same high note as in 1988 when winning last night's Corda International Stakes on the flawless grey, Next Milton.
  12. You are not to show it to him!"
  13. Party organisers want the conference to show that the party is united as never before, leaving Mr Kinnock free for the first time to sell the policy package to voters without worrying about splits.

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