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Перевод слова

Перевод: shotgun speek shotgun

охотничье ружье; дробовик


  1. When Sir George threatened her with a shotgun."
  2. WORLD champion Evander Holyfield last night received a piece of simple advice from his trainer Lou Duva: "Take a shotgun in with you against Lennox Lewis - hold it, let's make that a machine gun.
  3. He laid the shotgun across his lap.
  4. Mostyn reacted, and brought the sumpsucker with the shotgun down with a burst of fire.
  5. A sawn-off shotgun is the best weapon in an enclosed space other than a grenade," he added for accuracy, and smiled.
  6. When the farmer went to the barn after hearing gunshots he had found the body of the younger worker, but Janotte had vanished with a shotgun.
  7. Examined in detail (Fig. 5.7) this simple model repeats the problems of fitting the city wards identified by both the Shotgun and the Focused models, but adds to this a tendency towards relative over-prediction in the rural wards to the north and east of the area.
  8. This means that it is possible to kill many more rabbits in one field at any one time with a rifle than can ever be accomplished with a shotgun.
  9. He hit the floor, rolling, and lay flat, shotgun ready.
  10. Oliver Gregory, who set High Street trends as co-founder of the Habitat chain, might have slipped on wet grass while carrying his shotgun in the garden of his home at Collingbourne Ducis, Wilts.
  11. Pipeline is a hollow left-hander which, with its right-handed twin brother, Backdoor Pipeline, turns into a double-barrelled shotgun of a wave that blasts its victims over a shallow, razor-sharp reef.
  12. Anglers have lost two sections of the Royal Military Canal in Kent after threats from angry house-holders - including one armed with a shotgun.
  13. The West Indian openers Cammie Smith and "Shotgun" Williams were also men who believed that attack was the best form of defence - but sadly never reached the sunny uplands of consistent success.

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