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Перевод слова

Перевод: shot speek shot

переливчатый; изношенный; потрепанный;
выстрел ; попытка ; бросок ; стрелок ; дальность выстрела; удар ; дробь ; дробинка ; пуля ; взрыв ; запуск ; ядро для толкания; пушечное ядро; кадр ; фотоснимок ; доза ; укол ; инъекция ; глоток спиртного; шпур ; счет ;
заряжать ружье; подвешивать дробинки (к лесе); #past и p.p. от shoot


  1. This opened up a four-shot lead but at the 5th Greg hit a bad second shot and chipped up, missed the putt and dropped back to three ahead.
  2. The Japanese almost certainly knew the Australians were in the area, for a young Chinaman had served food to officers passing through Railaco, and he was later to be "shot at sight" after his Japanese contacts were discovered.
  3. Then Doyle pushed him and he stepped meekly into the room, noticing the heavy key in the front door and the two large bolts that were firmly shot at the top and bottom.
  4. The situation is that the UN Commander of the area requested information on the shot from the Turkish forces.
  5. This was Ursula of the long blonde hair and double-barrelled baronial-barbaric surname (withheld by Behrens), who had fled what survived of ancestral estates - on one view of the matter - and had made her courageous way across Europe, shot at and winged by border guards, to Vienna, and on to London, where she fell among art historians and was counselled by Anthony Blunt.
  6. Summonses between July and September shot up 37 per cent to 2,928,259.
  7. Although reported that the A.A. crews had shot down a Ju88, their claims for the day were for five Ju87s shot down, four probables and one damaged.
  8. But it was in Zurich that the first shot was fired.
  9. We used a bit of sign language, and that and "goo' shot" was the only communication we had - and all we needed, because we were golfers.
  10. He was strong enough now to attribute the man's parting shot about his drawings to sheer malice.
  11. For reasons too tedious to relate, the Pope is taken in hand by a natural healer (Frances de la Tour, looking rather fetching in her disguise as a nun) and, after receiving an involuntary shot of heroin in her drug rehabilitation centre, he undergoes a Pauline conversion.
  12. Stockwell hustled into the penalty area on his own but Ironside was off his line quickly and Stockwell hit a hurried shot over the bar.
  13. Those readers who remember the 1951 Festival of Britain in London will no doubt recall the shot tower which attracted much attention at the time.

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