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Перевод слова

Перевод: shop speek shop

лавка ; магазин ; мастерская ; отдел универмага; цех ; учреждение; заведение; предприятие; дела, связанные с чьей-л. профессией; вопросы или темы, связанные с чьей-л. профессией; профессия ; занятие;
делать покупки; присматриваться к товарам; рассматривать витрины; сажать в тюрьму; донести в полицию


  1. The woman in the shop's pretty friendly and she tells me what to do with the plants - you know, water them once a week, or keep them out of draughts and that.
  2. Is it really necessary to explain the excitement of smashing things, whether they are milk bottles, shop windows, buses, telephone boxes or whatever, if the alternative is to stand there and do nothing.
  3. He could be seen most mornings at the door of his shop in Wimbledon Village, arms crossed, mouth twisted in a superior sneer, just waiting for the chance to decode the small print on the front of buses.
  4. Applications for shop, car and home loans were up by 5.5 per cent, suggesting that worries about the recession are beginning to ease.
  5. Try Clinique's Gentle Exfoliator (11), the Body Shop's Rice Bran Body Scrub (4.85) or Seaweed and Loofah Body Bar (1.45) to slough off dead skin cells to prepare for your tan
  6. At midday, when we shut the shop for lunch, and I drove through the streets, it was only the river, glittering in the hard light, that seemed alive.
  7. Have you ever been around a health-food shop?
  8. It's a bit like crowd control at a football match - the retailer guides the customers along a path through his shop!
  9. Not even all banks have a cheap, convenient share shop scheme.
  10. What he produced was a gen-u-ine statement of skin; a document to be placed alongside other such documents, delivered with the same How's-your-father flourish as a graffiti slogan on a council estate wall or a boot planted through an Asian's shop window or a gallon of petrol poured through the letterbox of a Bengali family's home.
  11. Outside the shop at first floor level was a magnificent six-foot magnet.
  12. The shop sells both wines and unusual gifts.
  13. Next to these was a small antique shop, window lights on even at this hour, displaying elegant white china dogs and small pieces of Victorian furniture, and next to that an estate agent.

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