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Перевод слова

Перевод: shine speek shine

свет ; сияние; солнечный свет; лунный свет; блеск ; великолепие; глянец ; лоск ; расположение; глупая выходка; глупая проделка;
светить; сиять; блестеть; заблестеть; светиться; отсвечивать; блистать; полировать; придавать блеск; чистить


  1. Benetton's true colours shine through.
  2. Campaigning groups have served to shine a spotlight on many of the world's diminishing rainforests and are making the guilty West sit up and take note.
  3. Dennis was riding Shine On.
  4. After Shine On had won at York, the papers had sung her praises.
  5. Colin Thubron, traveller and award-winning travel writer, was influenced by Freya Stark's style: "I was absolutely fascinated by the way she could make certain words shine."
  6. Neither was I to know that I should indeed one fine day have a son who would make me very proud of him at the "Other Place", but that it would be from green eyes that the light of intelligence and wit would shine.
  7. In no way did he shine, nor was he involved in anything memorable.
  8. Silicone cancels out the problem as it is positively charged and leaves hair in a neutral state, adding smoothness and promoting shine.
  9. He ripped a packet in his hand and smoothed the rubber on his cock making it shine in the half light as Richard raised his head and watched.
  10. It is not so much lack of intelligence, though compared with other Labour post-war leaders, Attlee, Gaitskell, Wilson, Callaghan and Foot, Mr Kinnock certainly does not shine.
  11. If she'd cocked up a second race, Bill would have jocked her off Shine On, whatever Ibn Fayoud said.
  12. Avoid allowing light to shine into neighbours' gardens or into windows.
  13. "Shine your torch onto the floor," she instructed.

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