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Перевод слова

Перевод: shave speek shave

бритье; стружка ; щепа ; обман ; мистификация ;
брить; выбрить; выбриваться; стричь; бриться; побриться; обрить; срез`ать; строгать; скоблить; косить; слегка задеть; обирать; снизить; немного уменьшить


  1. Swivel head means it follows contours of your skin well, and the double blade ensures a really close, clean, smooth shave.
  2. A Shave in the Life
  3. Dana did not shave as often as I did.
  4. I only needed minimum pressure to get a close shave."
  5. If he has severe perceptual problems, for instance, you may need to keep reminding him where his face is by helping him to touch it, or he may keep forgetting to shave or wash the left half of his face.
  6. But Swindon had a similar close shave in the last seconds of full time as Philliskirk hit the crossbar and the game went into extra time.
  7. It was the usual evening of preparation before reaching a town - wash, shave, letters and tape-recordings.
  8. In fact, I don't usually shave in the morning; that would be in the afternoon - or evening, if I'm going out.
  9. "Hello, Dave," he said, "1 was just boiling up some water for a shave."
  10. a young probationary constable is recommended to shave off his fashionable mandarin moustache before his first appraisal with the Divisional commander (who himself has a 1940s style bush under his nose).
  11. "The sharp blade gave me a close shave in one go, but I also cut myself twice.
  12. After a quick wash and shave, dressed in a freshly pressed kilt and battledress blouse, polished boots and all, I presented myself with the other Commandos at the orderly room to get my hands on that very important rail pass.
  13. You could shave the whole damn British army in that bloody great cauldron of water."

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