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Перевод слова

Перевод: share speek share

доля ; часть ; участие; акция ; пай ; лемех ; сошник ;
делить; распределять; разделять; поделить; владеть совместно; быть пайщиком; делиться; принимать участие; участвовать


  1. To think, for the first time, a debenture share, say, is a creative act which the antecedent development of capitalist relations had made possible, and, in some form or other, necessary.
  2. Though all share a common working environment, many support staff had never discussed the school's curriculum - its aims, objectives or management processes - with each other or with teachers and parents.
  3. For every 1 Palatine ordinary share 1 new Anglo-Welsh share
  4. Well, fine for her but that meant that the rest of us had to share her night duties out amongst us, and in our present state of tension we were not giving three hearty cheers for extra work.
  5. The four poorest EC countries - Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland - will share 2.5 billion extra a year in EC grants.
  6. The study's main measure of an acquisition's success is the subsequent course of the acquirer's share price compared with the share-price movement of a group of similar banks.
  7. If the share of UK GDP accounted for by a particular region is equal to its share of UK population and, if this is true for all regions, then GDP is spread proportional to population throughout the country.
  8. The last-mentioned might involve share issues or further bank loans.
  9. Share prices soared, although some of this was due to falling interest rates that followed the unhooking of the pound from the dollar, stimulating gilt-edged, rather than a major increase in manufacturing output or exports.
  10. Museum collections worldwide have also been shown to have their share of fakes, as the TL testing of the British Museum's collection of seventy Zapotec ceramics can demonstrate.
  11. The Inland Revenue Approved Employee Share Option Personal Equity Plan (or AESOP) from Reyker Securities is open to any individual acquiring shares from either an Inland Revenue-approved share option or share save schemes.
  12. He'd been in his share of fistfights had Mr Fearon.
  13. There were also rumours that Ford had now taken its stake up to the maximum 15 per cent allowed under the golden share held in Jaguar by the Government since its privatisation in 1984.

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