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Перевод слова

Перевод: shame speek shame

стыд ; позор ; срам ; бесславие; неприятность ; досада ;
стыдить; пристыдить; совестить; позорить; посрамить; осрамить


  1. J. didn't work nights and we had so much to talk about that it seemed a shame to waste precious time in sleep.
  2. Shame, thought Jay, that was very pleasant.
  3. This geographical separation and disguised label reflects the old-fashioned and long-standing shame and stigma attached to all sexual matters, but in particular to the venereal diseases.
  4. (Even Mrs Abercrombie, once when Amy was out and I changed her sheets, cried like a baby from shame.)
  5. As the roundabout was pulled along it revolved and it was a shame that the lead horses used as the gallopers were so brittle.
  6. "What a shame!" exclaimed Carol.
  7. She didn't know how she would live with the shame when it began to show.
  8. When a Masai killed a European farmer in the Sanya corridor - from which the Masai had been evicted - in 1955, it was the shame and distress of all the other Masai which were emphasized by the administration.
  9. And He knew she'd paid sorely for having Jenny, paid in her own shame at being caught by a married man at her age, paid in being the cause of her death.
  10. Shame on me.
  11. But it took some getting at, the core of the physical jungle, the dark and deepest recess of organic shame.
  12. I do not like the graphic novel, and for a new work from a successful author to come only in this form seems to me a shame.
  13. This inordinate attention to the past arises from both shame and pride.

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