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Перевод слова

Перевод: shallow speek shallow

мелкий; мелководный; маловодный; пустой; поверхностный;
мелкое место; мелководье; мель ; отмель ;
мелеть; уменьшать глубину


  1. In the Dinantian rocks which appear to form a major part of the leading Variscan thrust slice, the source potential of the limestones and dolomites (which represent shallow water facies) is assumed on the whole to be relatively low.
  2. A bat-eared fox in Kenya deposited its scats on the top of a low hill with a shallow gully running down its eastern side (see plan on p. 8).
  3. This increases soil acidity, and encourages trees to form shallow roots, which are less efficient and more prone to the effects of drought.
  4. Almost blind in the shallow muddy water, it is swimming by instinct, following the deepest sand channels.
  5. Our sedentary lifestyle induces shallow breathing and instead of inhaling as much as 3,000 cubic centimetres of air, we often inhale as little as 500 cubic centimetres.
  6. These great works, at any rate, converted shallow waters, where "fen slodgers" had fished for eels and caught waterfowl for the town markets, into the most fertile soil in Britain, where rich harvests are now reaped.
  7. A podzol soil is liable to waterlogging, is acid, organic wastes remain unrotted near the surface; the topsoil is thin; root penetration is shallow and matted.
  8. I had become fond of Longfellow's Saga of King Olaf: fond of it in a casual, shallow way for its story and its vigorous rhythms.
  9. Florist's foam will help to turn a shallow bowl into a lovely container.
  10. Kalchu, his face red from alcohol and anger, his breath coming in short shallow gasps, said that he'd lived and worked in India for several years and that there he'd been nothing.
  11. The large headstock, with its shallow pitch, looks quite in keeping and the mini-Schaller machineheads help lend an up-market air.
  12. Here, the platform edge appears to have been controlled by a normal fault and the belt of shallow marine sediments is much narrower than elsewhere in the basin (Clark and Tallbacka 1980).
  13. Jess got off the bench and parted the bushes, peering into the laurel darkness, her heart pounding and her breath coming shallow and fast.

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