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Перевод: shake speek shake

встряска ; толчок ; землетрясение; сотрясение; дрожание; вибрация ; дрожь ; потрясение; шок ; мгновение; трещина ; щель ; морозобоина ; трель ; кивок ; рукопожатие;
трясти; растрясти; встряхивать; бултыхать; сотрясать; дрожать; трястись; тряхнуть; сотрясаться; качать; качнуть; покачнуть; пошатнуть; раскачать; размахивать; качаться; покачиваться; разбалтывать; поколебать; ослабить; потрясать; потряхивать; волновать; обуревать


  1. WAS (NOT WAS): "Somewhere in America (There's A Street Named For My Dad)" Detroit derived trickster funksters follow their "Shake Your Head" hit with a Harry Bowens-sung track packaged with live versions of "Where Did Your Heart Go" and "I Blew Up The United States" on the CD - out Monday
  2. Although the coin is removed it will feel like it's still there and the victim will shake as hard as they can to the encouragement of the observers with such calls as "Shake it off".
  3. Donna gave me a limpid hand to shake, then wiggled her way towards the liquor cabinet.
  4. Draw up a list of 20 things you have never done that are silly but don't cost much money and work your way down the list by doing one each day (eg leave your car in the garage and hitch a lift, turn the daily newspaper into papier mch, go to the shops wearing a funny hat, shake hands with the next 10 people you meet).
  5. Shake the Snake
  6. Then she skirted the table, gripped her stepmother by the shoulders, and began to shake her as if she was no more than a rag doll.
  7. But it is likely that within the safety of the legal bond partners shake off some aspects of their public persona and expose more of themselves, particularly those problematic areas of their personalities with which unconsciously they wish to engage.
  8. If you give yourself a shake, change your seating position slightly, open the clear vision panel for some fresh air, change hands on the stick for a few moments and have a sweet or drink, you can snap out of it and start to work normally again.
  9. As a child, Isabel had been forever wanting and having to shake her younger-sister, shake her out of smiling acceptance, out of vagueness of mind, out of bewilderment, into rebellion and action.
  10. And she stretched out her hand for me to see it shake.
  11. Putting out a hand for him to shake, she added, "It's a bargain, but I can tell you now, that I shall never belong to anyone but my husband."
  12. Now we fasten pinecones to the dahlia sticks and shake them out every few days.
  13. When your outer thigh starts to shake or hurt, stop.

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