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Перевод слова

Перевод: severe speek severe

строгий; суровый; требовательный; жестокий; простой; выдержанный; тяжелый; серьезный; сильный; трудный; резкий; сжатый


  1. Even if the stability of the product is such that is has adequate shelf-life in the most severe market, it is likely that its shelf-life will be longer in markets having a less severe climate than in areas with more severe climates.
  2. Unfortunately improvement was short-lived, lasting only a few weeks in those with more severe forms of the disease.
  3. The Committee concentrated on the Scottish LFA and failed to take proper note of more severe problems elsewhere.
  4. In the immediate post-war period down to the mid-1950s there were endless external difficulties as the economy tried to recover from the strains of the war; balance-of-payments crises of a severe kind in 1949, 1951, and 1955, often accompanied by pressure on sterling, were endemic.
  5. This compares with only 5 per cent of owner-occupied homes having severe damp, and 17 per cent of council homes.
  6. Death was due to fractures of the skull and severe cerebral contusion.
  7. Both Muzorewa and the white minority had to undergo severe pressure.
  8. The fewer foods the mother ate from this list, the less severe was the colic.
  9. The devaluation or revaluation of a currency against the dollar was permitted only when a country faced a severe economic crisis.
  10. Daimler has increasingly concentrated its defence activities on aerospace and the loss of the EFA radar contract would be a severe blow.
  11. Yet, although Britain suffered severe economic depression and rising unemployment, her economic plight was much less marked than that of Germany and Italy.
  12. The deal however, ran into severe problems with the UK government.
  13. With severe skills shortages looming, UK companies must promote more women to the most senior positions if they are to stand any chance of competing globally in the next century.

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