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Перевод слова

Перевод: settle speek settle

скамья ; скамья-ларь ;
решать; урегулировать; условливаться; принимать решение; браться за определенное дело; приводить к решению; улаживать; уладить; определять; разрешать; улаживаться; регулировать; регулироваться; закреплять; селить; селиться; поселиться; водворяться; поселяться; заселять; обосноваться; располагаться; водвориться; колонизировать; поселить; расселить; расселяться; устраиваться; укладываться; закрывать; устраивать; устроить; назначать; усаживать; укладывать; оседать; опускаться ко дну; осаждаться; наседать; отстаиваться; давать осадок; давать отстояться; очищать от мути; устояться; приводить в порядок; успокаивать; устанавливать; приводиться в порядок; водворить; угомониться; успокаиваться; успокоиться; образумиться; остепениться; оплачивать; расплачиваться; разделываться; завещать; садиться (о птице); усаживаться; устанавливаться


  1. His one catastrophic mistake had been to try to settle the mystery for ever by making Harry disappear.
  2. And my books here - see - this one tells of the Hovevei Zion, and how from the Russian pogroms they come to settle in Palestine with money they get from Baron de Rothschild."
  3. Arriving early for a night session is a good idea for several reasons, not least those I have mentioned about having plenty of time to tackle up in daylight, bait the swim, and settle in comfortably.
  4. They may have to settle for royalties which are lower than they would prefer.
  5. Oh dear no! says Godwin: "an enlightened person ought by no consideration to be prevailed upon to settle in Portugal; and, if he were there already, ought to quit the country with all convenient speed".
  6. You got letters from home, from your father asking when you were going to settle down and get a proper job, or were you going to be an "eternal student"?
  7. "I've got rid of almost all the ideas associated with romantic love just in time to settle down with someone I like and respect."
  8. He found him, stout and pink, in a brown suit, knee-breeches, and blue-grey stockings, sitting in the farm kitchen on the wooden settle by the fire, smoking a long clay pipe.
  9. He even went so far as to imprison Rodrigo's wife Ximena, and his children; and though he soon released them he refused to listen to El Cid's demand to settle his innocence by right of combat.
  10. Here the invisible seeds settle, and spring, and bear flowers and fruits of immortal beauty."
  11. Even here, troops were required to settle the band peaceably, amid opposition from Agent Gwydir, the resident Sans Poil Indian chief Skolaskin and suspicious white traders.
  12. Most mild ear infections will settle in time without any treatment, but their progress should be monitored and homoeopathic treatment will help them to settle quicker.
  13. If it is argued that sarvodaya is an unattainable ideal, and that in the end one may have to settle for the happiness or good of 51 per cent, it could be stated in reply, that it is infinitely better to strive for sarvodaya and fail to realize it, than to start out with a limited objective and attain it at the expense of an unfortunate minority.

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