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Перевод слова

Перевод: setback speek setback

задержка ; препятствие; регресс ; неудача


  1. This was but a temporary setback, for after a rest and a defeat on his return he proceeded to win his next nine races, completely outclassing his rivals at distances from nine furlongs to two and a quarter miles.
  2. Hendry, winner of six titles this season, shrugged off the setback and won three of the next four frames for his first Irish final in three years.
  3. Among the Arabs, Saudi Arabia, which had invested great prestige in the plan, has suffered the biggest setback.
  4. Lease said: "This is undoubtedly a serious setback for the long-term development of the sport.
  5. City: Setback at Gold Fields
  6. A combination of the ideology of the market-place, public hostility to nuclear power and fears of high energy prices adding to the problems of an uncompetitive manufacturing industry may have resulted in a setback for nuclear power in Britain, but fossil fuels would no longer seem such overwhelmingly good value, according to Chris Patten, if their wider environmental costs were allocated and more fully reflected in prices.
  7. You can expect a few difficulties and the occasional setback.
  8. The loss of Gough after the interval was another setback for Souness.
  9. The setback has led to new speculation about a take-over or co-operative deal with BMW, Toyota, General Motors and others.
  10. It's a major setback for our foreign policy."
  11. There were also racial overtones, with Mr Levy, a Sephardi Jew, blaming his political setback on the condescending attitude of Mr Shamir and his allies, who are mostly Ashkenazi, or European-born Jews.
  12. One City analyst said he thought Mr Ritblat would not be deterred by "a little setback" and that the original offer was not too bad being a tax-efficient distribution of British Land assets to shareholders.

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