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Перевод слова

Перевод: session speek session

заседание; совещание; сессия ; учебный семестр; учебный триместр; учебный год; учебное время в школе; занятия в школе; время, занятое чем-л.; сеанс


  1. At lunch-time it was noticed that the "patient" had disappeared, and he did not return for the start of the afternoon session.
  2. THE GREAT modern, moral questions of the right to life and the right to death will dominate what may be a landmark session of the US Supreme Court which begins this week.
  3. At the beginning of each Parliamentary session, the Monarch opens Parliament with a speech from the throne which outlines the Government's main proposals for the session.
  4. On the Thursday morning, there will be an arts and crafts session for five to eleven-year-olds, and in the afternoon all ages can enjoy a puppet show, Goldilocks! by Martin the Puppet Man.
  5. On arrival, you'll enjoy a relaxing body massage followed by a facial session.
  6. It was almost time for the afternoon session at the Riverside.
  7. Not because she couldn't lose weight but because she enjoyed coming along for a weekly work-out session and it helped to keep her weight in check.
  8. 2nd session 2 sets of 10 repetitions for each exercise
  9. To clear myself I could appear in secret session before the McCarthy committee so that nobody would know.
  10. Although they enjoyed the session provided, it was at odds with their expectations.
  11. Session 13: body image
  12. This is repeated four or five times in each session.
  13. THESE youngsters clearly agree with the title of Graham Taylor's new book "Football Training Can Be Fun" (Stanley Paul 6.99) after a session with the England manager yesterday in a London park.

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