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Перевод слова

Перевод: service speek service

служебный; послужной; вспомогательный; временный;
связь ; сообщение; служение; услужение; работа ; служба ; одолжение; срок службы; долговечность ; обслуживание; сервис ; уход ; техническое обслуживание; род войск; сфера деятельности; услуга ; заслуга ; сервиз ; подача ; действие; движение; судебное извещение; клетневание; рейсы ; рябина домашняя [бот.];
обслуживать; проводить осмотр и текущий ремонт; заправлять горючим; случать


  1. Any suggestion of a re-enactment of Christ's sacrifice or of a bodily presence in the bread and wine was now removed from the communion service.
  2. Now an enthusiast from Wigan is appealing to the town's former loco engineering brains-trust to help him return a currently heavily corroded expatriate railcar to service deep in the Emerald Isle
  3. WINIFRED Rooney, who has run the tea bar at Alton magistrates' court for 14 years, is retiring and the local branch of the Women's Royal Voluntary Service are looking for a replacement.
  4. Barclays has run into a sequence of big borrowers who cannot service their debts on time and cannot sell their assets to repay the debts.
  5. Promoters have their reasons for pricing this way; having done so, they should see that touts provide a useful service.
  6. Nor had he been idle in Salzburg: he had written two duos for violin and viola to help out his fellow-composer Michael Haydn, who was in the service of the archbishop.
  7. The Student Health Service at Coleraine is situated in the Student Services Department on Level One of the Tower.
  8. My parents often mentioned their remorse, I was speaking so well before we went to the Russian Orthodox Easter Service.
  9. We might expect this to be lower than the effect of being in the service class.
  10. Ford is investing 20 million over five years in a market plagued by complaints about the service given by existing providers.
  11. A confidential individual and group counselling and psychotherapy service is available for use by all students and staff members or their families.
  12. A member of the Indian Civil Service who visited Samara guberniia in January 1922 noted how the whole of the rural population in the famine region proper was absolutely starved.
  13. Two books in the recent past (Pope and Weiner 1981 and Thackrah 1985) both contain veiled indications of the problems these civil service academics encounter when they write about the police.

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