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Перевод слова

Перевод: sentence speek sentence

приговор ; предложение; сентенция ; изречение;
осуждать; приговаривать; приговорить


  1. I have never been disturbed by the apparent anomaly that the death sentence remains in our law as the penalty for treason: I see no parallel or analogy between the punishment of crime within a society and the self-defence of a society against its enemies.
  2. Where is the natural pause as you say this sentence?
  3. Your practice partner makes the list (which you do not see in advance) and then gives the short descriptive sentence which provides a clue to the way in which the key word has been used.
  4. Not all life sentence prisoners follow the same "career path" through prison but most spend three to four years in two initial centres, then progress to training prisons and - possibly - open prisons before a final release date is in sight.
  5. The unchanging first part of the sentence is always: What country or people do you think of when the conversation is about?
  6. A sentence in the loser's statement to the effect that "the last time I saw my watch was when I put it in my locker at work" or "I placed my purse in my shopping basket" shows that he had possession or control of the property,
  7. Jinny was so amazed that she stopped speaking in the middle of a sentence and let him say goodbye and make their apologies all over again.
  8. I'll read a sentence, then you repeat it.
  9. The English conventions for punctuation for instance, may have some advantages for some purposes, although disambiguating "sentence" units should not necessarily be taken as a significant one.
  10. A further small point: we may have been taught at school to avoid ending written sentences with a preposition, but the above sentence, apart from replacing "commence" by "begin", sounds more natural if we do in fact end it with the preposition.
  11. I HOPE the Attorney-General is ashamed of himself in allowing the sentence of rapist Dr Thomas Courtenay to stand.
  12. Can it be justified to send to prison people too poor to pay fines - and there are more such persons during times of economic crisis - not only when the original crime of which they were convicted did not warrant a prison sentence, but when their crime is trivial in the extreme in comparison with corporate crimes which we lack the political will to tackle directly by socialist remedies?
  13. Also, the scale of the problems tends to be smaller; for example, there are, typically, far fewer anaphors than phonemes in a sentence, and fewer focused candidate referents for a pronoun than (in a large-vocabulary application) candidate words to be considered for a given portion of speech.

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