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Перевод слова

Перевод: sense speek sense

чувство; ум ; ощущение; здравый смысл; сознание; разум ; значение; смысл ; толк ; мнение; общее настроение;
чувствовать; ощущать; понимать


  1. This early period is essentially the period of Ramsay's achievements in "masculine" portraiture, in the sense of both the style and the subject matter.
  2. The miracle of anorexia is that this wish can be fulfilled: one does not have to grow up; one does not have to become a woman, even in the biological sense; one can reject all foreign substances, for which food is a metaphor, and subject them to one's will.
  3. "One thing about you, Bunty, you have the good sense to ask a favour at the right time.
  4. He succeeded by dint of the radical policy of booking bands that were vaguely contemporary, at least moderately interesting and which common sense along suggested would pull a respectable crowd.
  5. I hate to say something I don't mean, and I had enough sense left to know I might not be prepared to keep my side of the contract tomorrow.
  6. However Mr Northfield added there was no scope for compromise, and it was possible tougher action would be required, although he still hopes common sense will prevail.
  7. In this sense there was an element of autarchy in the planning of Kensington and Chelsea, responding to local market conditions.
  8. And there is a real sense in which this ability to make fictions that maintain life at work is a triumph of the human imagination, given the conditions of work.
  9. Nor is there any sense in banning strikes "temporarily", since the economic crisis which gives rise to labour unrest is anything but temporary, and the radical measures of economic reform (such as market prices) which might ultimately solve this crisis have not yet been adopted and will take years to yield results.
  10. Darwinism implies that some species must triumph over others not because they are fitter in some genetic or athletic sense, but because they are better able to survive in a competitive ambiance.
  11. A more viable approach accepts the on-going nature of educational change - the journey is more important than the destination in the sense that one is real and the other never more than a shifting image.
  12. What followed next was an encounter between Gandhi and an Englishman, Judge C.N. Broomfield, which indeed deserves to be remembered in the annals of war for its courtesy, chivalry, and generous sense of occasion.
  13. That is you with all your qualities, sensitivities and weaknesses; you with all your experience of growing up, living and growing older; you with all your joys and aspirations, as well as (like us all) your strong sense of individual identity and pride.

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