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Перевод слова

Перевод: seem speek seem

казаться; представляться; почудиться; чудиться; мерещиться; померещиться; думаться


  1. Because New Jersey does not have its own television station, or even a state newspaper, the candidates have bought expensive air time on the New York City-based stations and in Mr Florio's case, they seem to be working.
  2. He says that Murray Johnstone looked at the idea but concluded that: "There didn't seem to be much sense in launching a common investment fund.
  3. The implications of this would seem to be that 1975-;85 did not see a process of structural change, but simply the latest in a series of chaotic attempts by central actors to use local government as a means of achieving their ends, without any appreciation of the range of different interests reflected in its various policy networks, and which are also linked by various routes to the still disaggregated parts of the centre.
  4. The time and dedication demanded do not seem to put people off: the course is so popular that it has had to shift from a country house to a conference centre on an industrial estate in the Midlands.
  5. Series connection of the windings would therefore seem to be something that would never be used in practice.
  6. I'd hesitate to give much weight to her story in the normal run because she does seem to have a screw loose, but it ties in so well with Norman Pinder's recollections, and they are totally independent witnesses."
  7. There was no doubt he crashed into the sea as I watched him hit, but I did not get a confirmation of this as there was no one else to see it and R.D.F. didn't seem to have much coverage up that way."
  8. "I must frankly admit the fact," he remarked, "that to the people of Northern Ireland it does not seem that the battle against terrorism is being won fast enough."
  9. I think it's going to be usable; it doesn't seem to have dried out."
  10. Physicists seem to be finding this particularly difficult.
  11. Derbyshire Assistant Chief Constable Don Dovaston said: "People seem to have a total disregard for the safety of themselves and other road users.
  12. Considering the overall sound quality and taking into account how much is in such a compact package the retail price of a touch under 1500 might seem a tad high, but it compares more than favourably with reel-to-reel machines aimed at the same market.
  13. The report presents a strong case for continuing work on gasification although south south cooperation would seem to hold most promise.

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