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Перевод слова

Перевод: sedative speek sedative

успокоительный; успокаивающий; болеутоляющий;
успокаивающее средство


  1. "I am going to give you a sedative, Miss Thorne, and some tablets."
  2. Our vet came out early that morning with some sedative, but we needn't have bothered.
  3. I wondered sometimes if the effects of some sedative given perhaps the night before had not worn off completely by the time I came.
  4. If she is severely disturbed emotionally, above the level normally expected in bereavement, and if she cannot sleep, he may prescribe tranquillisers and a night sedative; but this will usually be only for a limited period to help her over a particularly bad patch, as he will not want her to become addicted to these drugs, which if taken for too long may delay the normal grieving process which she will need to experience if she is to make a satisfactory recovery.
  5. Its sedative effects were valued, but sometimes progressed to pathological depression with suicidal tendencies, so its use was limited.
  6. During the 1930s several alkaloids were prepared from the plant and investigated, but their properties did not correspond to the sedative and hypotensive properties of the crude drug.
  7. Although certain oils are believed to be "uplifting", "sedative" or "anti-depressant", it is not always as straightforward as this.
  8. Their sedative action naturally raised the possibility that histamine was a neurotransmitter.
  9. A common cause of incontinence at night is a mild sedative, which makes the person too sleepy to get out of bed.
  10. The news was good: minor cuts, nothing deep, anti-tetanus injections just in case, mild sedative for shock.
  11. I've given her a mild sedative and I'll sit here with her myself until she sleeps."
  12. It is intriguing, however, to find, in the appendix, evidence from Parkes' study that the group of widows over the age of 65 showed a much smaller increase in sedative consumption after bereavement than those under 65 years old.
  13. Low-salt diets and sedative drugs contributed to the methods of treatment.

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