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Перевод слова

Перевод: secure speek secure

спокойный; уверенный; безопасный; верный; обеспеченный; надежный; прочный; находящийся в надежном месте; сохранный; гарантированный; застрахованный;
обеспечивать безопасность; обезопасить; надежно охранять; заграждать; укреплять; гарантировать; страховать; подстраховывать; закреплять; скрепить; прикреплять; запирать; припирать; доставать; получать; достигать; добиваться; завладевать; овладевать


  1. That is why, no matter what the last-minute mediators may say, there is a danger that their aim will be interpreted not as an effort to secure Mr Hussein's compliance with demands that have somehow escaped his attention, but as an attempt to offer him an easy way out.
  2. Of course, where Dorothy was concerned, that was his only strategy if he wanted to secure her in the end.
  3. Once you are satisfied with the evenness, secure the ends.
  4. I don't need men to make me feel secure, to be a mother, to frame my morals, to pay my bills, to organize my life, to give me self-esteem.
  5. All was secure.
  6. At each stage, ensure that the bridle lines are free of the spars, but secure at their proper anchor points.
  7. But, despite repeated public protestations to the contrary, senior politicians of both main parties have been discreetly considering their tactics in the event that neither Conservatives nor Labour secure the 326 seats needed to win immediate power.
  8. Teddington's 20-year-old captain, Jason Laslett, will be looking to secure the club's first points of the season at home to Harborne, who include 19-year-old Walid Abdo, from Penarth, for the first time, but will be without Denys Shortt.
  9. More than 50,000 Vietnamese "boat people" waste their lives in squalid, overcrowded prison-like camps in Hong Kong, almost certainly having lost their gamble to secure a new life in the West.
  10. Stretching over a long period, a number of important rulers began to seek to secure much greater power over their dominions as the means to extend their power abroad - particularly in what was to become known as France, but also in England, Sweden, Spain and, somewhat later, Brandenburg-Prussia.
  11. For the District, although regretting the loss of its major development in a rural area, the main preoccupation was to secure the retention of its outstanding and only full-time tutor who commanded both academic and experiential respect at all levels.
  12. He told me that out of every 100 contacts a salesman found one prospect, and out of every ten prospects he should, on average, secure one sale.
  13. So we took out a Share Protection policy - and when our senior partner did die, we were both secure.

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