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Перевод: seagull speek seagull



  1. "An eternity of time passed during which I had a blazing row with a nosy seagull which kept hovering over me.
  2. Who can forget the Catholic homosexual dipsomaniac being hit on the head by a dead seagull in The Fourth Man ?
  3. Overhead a seagull circled the treetops, pale feathers shining against the dark grey of a flat sky.
  4. There is the unity of the moment: different tactile and proprioceptive sensations amount to a coherent body image; different visual sensations cohere to a visual field; and sensations from different modalities converge to a general sensory field, an organized moment-by-moment presence of a world, so that the feeling in my hand as I hold a stone, the sight of the sea and the sound of the seagull behind me are all not merely present but co-present.
  5. Out in the lake the gulls wheeled and scolded above their young on the pile of reeds ringed with rocks that formed Seagull Island.
  6. Don't I recall a certain Richard Bach (literary father of J.L. Seagull) doing that self-same thing, and writing two beautiful books - Nothing by Chance and Biplane - about his bedsheets-and-bailing wire odyssey?
  7. He stood there, shouting along and flapping his arms round like an over-excited seagull.
  8. A seagull flew overhead, followed by another.
  9. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, in Richard Bach's inspiring novel, is no ordinary seagull.
  10. Masie Toal ducked as a seagull dive-bombed a passing matelot.
  11. Or we can decide that there must be more to being alive than this and, like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, become intrepid explorers of life's possibilities.
  12. A seagull on one of the lifeboats regarded us with a voyeur's eye.

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