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Перевод слова

Перевод: screw speek screw

винт ; болт ; шуруп ; шнек ; червяк ; воздушный винт; пропеллер ; поворот винта; гребной винт; бумажный пакет; небольшой сверток; кулек ; скряга ; зарплата ; жалованье; кляча ; тюремщик ; тюремный сторож; тиски для больших пальцев; половой акт или его участник [сл.];
привинчивать; скреплять винтами; завинчивать; навинчивать; нарез`ать резьбу; выжимать; вертеть; крутить; вертеться; крутиться; вращаться винтообразно; завинчиваться; скаредничать; скряжничать; щурить; заставлять; нажимать; оказывать давление; притеснять


  1. I use a small piece of putty over the nozzle for speed and short-term storage; but if I'm not going to be using it for a while, I take the top off and place a small piece of Clingfilm over the bottle, then screw the top back on again.
  2. But some modern valves have a small adjusting screw close to the actual valve mechanism.
  3. A series of solder-tags is connected together with a countersunk mounting screw on the rear panel.
  4. Screw the top section in place, again using the mirror plates
  5. He felt his nose crease and his eyes screw up with pleasure.
  6. Have you ever been tempted to put a couple of booby trap techniques in there on purpose, just to screw up the poor guy transcribing it?
  7. Once when I was in design and technology class, I asked him to give me a screw and he said, "See me after school and I'll give you one."
  8. I went back into the lounge and there, glittering against the brown carpet, was that damned screw!
  9. Commonwealth countries take the view that it is the limited sanctions so far applied which have done much to bring about the new climate represented by the de Klerk administration, and believe a turn of the screw would effect more change.
  10. "I've paid all this money to come to Hawaii and all you can do is screw around."
  11. Now screw the two keyhole slotted brackets to the inside of the surround legs
  12. My father preferred and still prefers to screw up his eyes and lean forward should he need to see whether the pink or blue is about to be potted.
  13. That's how they screw us, these men in authority.

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