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Перевод слова

Перевод: scout speek scout

разведчик ; скаут ; бойскаут ; служитель ; слуга ; парень ; малый ; разведка ; лазутчик ;
производить разведку; вести разведку; отвергать; пренебрегать


  1. meets at Blenheim Road Scout hut on Mondays from 1.30-;2.15.
  2. The chances are that if you are told a nasty tale about the sexual misdemeanours of a headmaster, a vicar, a scout leader, a member of Parliament, a public performer or a novelist then you will assume it to be the truth.
  3. Agent Cooper, who is forever dictating into a pocket tape recorder to an unseen associate named Diane, lends the show much of its deadpan humour as when he rhapsodizes about the aroma of the Douglas Fir or the savoury charms of a piece of pie with the glass-eyed earnestness of a Boy Scout on ecstasy.
  4. During the evening the county commissioner also presented the wood badge to Jill Corbett, assistant district commissioner (beavers) and Sonia Barber, assistant cub scout leader, Four Marks.
  5. Within Youth Allyah there were several competing Zionist factions ranging from the strictly orthodox Bachad to the moderate Maccabi Hazair , the Zionist scout movement.
  6. It was during one of these that he was spotted by a talent scout and signed up by Warner Brothers.
  7. Today, in the 1980s, the Scout and Guide movement is almost non-existent throughout British deaf schools and clubs for the deaf, perhaps, due to competition from other leisure interests, but in its heyday, the movement was responsible for giving hundreds of young men and girls great fulfilment and sense of Purpose.
  8. Spy fever gripped the country and a couple seen sketching the Royal Albert Bridge were, as a result of information given by a boy scout to a sergeant of the Royal Scots, arrested in the nearby tea gardens and escorted to Devonport by the police.
  9. You might have been up there playing and somebody like me or a young talent scout from a record company.
  10. Loyalty, service, and duty were exactly the values which the "boy labour" reformers sought to impress upon young workers, and as many of the reformers were also active, or had been active in one or more of the youth groups, they were sympathetic to the objectives of the Scout movement.
  11. (His fourth son, Robert, was the founder of the Boy Scout movement.)
  12. Fred Dunston (Fritz Deutsch), a Youth Allyah worker and former Scout leader from Vienna, was drafted in as an organiser of the transit camp, which was to be built on a large meadow across the road from the training centre at Great Engeham Farm:
  13. By now he was concerned with practical details: "You might scout around for mesh stockings!

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