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Перевод слова

Перевод: scholarship speek scholarship

ученость ; эрудиция ; стипендия


  1. She, too, was a "scholarship girl" and we prided ourselves on being the two most intelligent girls in the place.
  2. What's New News New Products This month, Fender forbid GL from mentioning Leo's name, new bits and pieces from Warwick, SWR, Carlsbro and Fishman, the return of John Birch and some news on how to win yourself a year-long guitar scholarship
  3. He had the merit of going always straight to the point - what is best for Christianity in England? and besides that the scruples of air marshals, or the wishes of the Dean of York, or the comfort of Bell, or the scholarship of Ramsey, are nothing.
  4. He said I'd be a sort of ape not to get a sort of scholarship as I sort of could if I sort of used my noggin!
  5. They've just confirmed her scholarship by the way, but don't tell her or she might blow it.
  6. The University has a reputation for innovative course programmes, resourceful scholarship, and an active and mutually rewarding relationship with local industry, commerce and professional life.
  7. Where you want scholarship is on the inside, not on the boards.
  8. For in 1918 he just missed a scholarship to Winchester College; and in those days the scholarship at Winchester was regarded as the crown for the cleverest boys in England.
  9. The interests of scholarship and pedagogy are at odds here.
  10. In the United Kingdom, WUS also promotes and co-ordinates placements on the Southern African Campus Scholarship Scheme.
  11. By the end of the century Nonconformity's most famous ministers had established themselves as leaders in a wide variety of fields: biblical scholarship, local government, reform movements, journalism, history, theology, apologetics and writing.
  12. From then on, works of scholarship, fantasy, literary appreciation, and apologetics poured from his ever-fertile brain.
  13. Ricky was so furious with Perdita for deliberately sabotaging her scholarship that he gave her the sack.

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