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Перевод слова

Перевод: schedule speek schedule

список ; каталог ; перечень ; опись ; план ; перечень тарифов; расписание; график ; программа ; режим ;
составлять; составлять расписание; включать в расписание; намечать; разрабатывать; планировать; назначать


  1. People who had said - during another part of the interview - that they preferred the smallest possible individual instalments turned out to be just as likely to switch to a shorter repayment schedule (given lower APR and credit costs) as people who had said they preferred the shortest possible repayment schedule.
  2. Barely a week into the tour, Johnny Marr was feeling the strain: "I feel like I'm in The Rolling Stones or any other rock band," he said as the gruelling schedule began to etch away at the excitement generated by that first night.
  3. Only the Royal Scot remained as a viable Euston-Glasgow train but with a schedule fifteen minutes slower than the five-hour norm established in the 1974 timetable.
  4. LAMBETH Building Society is spreading a little seasonal cheer around by cutting mortgage rates for its 12,000 borrowers in January - three months ahead of schedule.
  5. We will discuss problems such as these in chapter 8 by using an actual schedule which incorporates examples of mistakes, but before doing this we must also consider the problems which arise from lack of understanding of the question.
  6. The DPQ is a Likert-style schedule comprising five possible answers attracting a score of between one and five points for twenty-five different questions concerned with key aspects of drinking attitudes and behaviour.
  7. 1.1 In accordance with the specification in Part 1 of the Schedule the Programmer will prepare a computer program and related materials for Reading for English MS DOS version (" the Program").
  8. This means trying the schedule out, not on a sample of people for whom it is intended in its final version, but on people who may well be one's colleagues at work; that is, people who are likely to know something about survey work itself and schedule design.
  9. And Chris Patten - who admittedly has a killing schedule, helicoptering daily between Bath and London - looks so dishevelled.
  10. While the possibility of a court injunction did not in itself upset the takeover schedule, the panel would still expect a formal takeover document.
  11. It is necessary to draw up a projected examination schedule and to put on storage at each test condition more than sufficient samples to meet that schedule.
  12. 7.3 The terms and conditions shown in Schedule I and Schedule 2 shall be a part of this Agreement.
  13. (b) failed to mention that the said accounts were not in the form required by section 228 and paragraph 1 (1) of Schedule 4 of the Companies Act 1985 and

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