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Перевод слова

Перевод: scar speek scar

рубец ; шрам ; след ; отпечаток ; утес ; скала ;
оставлять шрам; оставлять глубокий след; рубцеваться; зарубцеваться


  1. The lycopods have long, narrow leaves like little straps, each of which leaves a characteristic scar on the stem at its point of attachment.
  2. Only this week a survey by Gallup showed one in five would like to go under the knife, despite the attendant risks of internal bleeding and excessive scar tissue from poorly performed operations.
  3. The cart track, enclosed by walls and known locally as Harber Scar Lane, climbs gradually and uneventfully along the side of Harber Scar and then, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, the traveller upon it is confronted by a scene that demands instant attention and dispels all else from his mind.
  4. One very ambitious painting, of Gordale Scar, challenges recollection of the huge romantic canvas showing the same spot, painted by the early nineteenth-century British Romantic artist James Ward and now in the Tate Gallery.
  5. The interior of the cave soon admits daylight from a vertical shaft on the moor above, Little Douk pot, and then meanders in darkness for half a mile to its entrance at Middle Washfold, due south over the wall in the next allotment where an isolated outcrop of limestone makes a white scar on the dark moor.
  6. "You've got her, even that little scar over her eye.
  7. "See that scar?"
  8. At the Hinkley C Inquiry this issue was pushed to the fore by the Severnside Campaign Against Radiation (SCAR).
  9. He was a tall man with a weathered face on which a blade had slashed a cruel scar.
  10. The Duke's thumbnail had forced a small scar into the map at another crossroads, this one much closer to Brussels and just south of a village with the odd name of Waterloo.
  11. The scar goes right up to his elbow and he got it in a fight just like the scar he's going to have round his throat."
  12. The skin pulsed in D'Arcy's scar, but his voice was calm and steady.
  13. Continue to Skinningrove then go back on the cliffs above Hummersea Scar and over to the cottages of Upton .

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