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Перевод слова

Перевод: saw

пила ; афоризм ; пословица ;
пилить; распиливать; пилиться; #past от see


  1. "The girl saw something white moving in the forest."
  2. The Group saw group moderation by teachers as a vital element, as being a process with significant benefit to teachers in itself as well as providing a crucial counterbalance to crudely over-simplified test results.
  3. We left the bar together; one of my friends saw us leave and winked at us.
  4. He never looked away from her and she saw that the pain in his eyes had been his vision of the sea tearing at him, his soul screaming no, no to earth, no to this, no to her.
  5. Douin saw advantages in component supply as well as the potential to provide the car with more space and less noise and vibration.
  6. They saw no reason to change - I saw every reason to change.
  7. As it happened all his discoveries went against the Peripatetic views, and as he advanced so the attacks on him grew, largely because the lesser ones among opponents saw their cosy lives of repetitions of dogma in danger.
  8. Polgar told me that in the early days of his marriage he examined the childhood of many famous persons and saw that geniuses all specialised in a field very early.
  9. The raft drifted very slowly, making no disturbance, and there through the mirror-smooth surface I saw a giant pike, lying in wait for its prey like a lurking U-boat.
  10. A police chief inspector, an optician and the general manager of Lerwick Harbour Trust were among those who saw it.
  11. She heard the almost imperceptible hum of a Rolls-Royce drawing up, then saw the tip of a huge Havana cigar appearing over the hedge, followed by a red face nestling in an astrakhan collar.
  12. The decade saw the emergence of three European women professionals capable of playing with the world's best and, better yet, two of them proving it.
  13. When I first saw the dog, it was quite obvious he'd been deeply affected by the explosion and had developed a 100-watt phobia for light bulbs!

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