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Перевод слова

Перевод: savvy speek savvy

здравый смысл; смекалка ; понимание;
соображать; кумекать


  1. The Spidergobs had once caught a technerd to have fun with, a technerd who could savvy scumlingo, and who'd screamed about how all his gang cousins had been taken into the Troopies up at some gateway fortress where the land-trains left, whatever those were.
  2. One part of the need was obvious: Mario was a first-class driver and extraordinarily savvy in development work.
  3. Banderas plays the innocent, but he's savvy enough to know there's gold in them there coat-tails.
  4. You knew he was smart about cars; he was savvy about life too.
  5. "Plenty savvy," the man said.
  6. Biff shook his head, rattling his beads, and answered in scumlingo, slowly, to show that he couldn't savvy.
  7. He never knocked his origins in American racing, but also he knew damned well that technologically America was behind and that in America you could do spectacular things but in grand prix racing you needed savvy, experience, strategy; you had to have the smarts.
  8. With fellow Mud-man Steve Turner along for the ride on bass, Arm has hooked up with a pair of Seattle luminaries who, though hardly household names in these parts, provide such virile guitar bursts and songwriting savvy to vouchsafe our rightful respect from now on.
  9. Thomas Halpern, of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, said: "He is young, savvy and using the media to present a cleaned-up image of the Klan with new code language such as: "We don't hate blacks.
  10. On the contrary, it is becoming politically more savvy and more persuasive all the time.
  11. Carlos Alberto Reutemann, that cunning, solitary ace from Argentina, worried about his racing twenty-four hours a day; James seemed to give it scarcely a thought - technically, as a contributor to development he was something less than a devoted genius (but on the track he had extraordinarily good reflexes and a lot of savvy).
  12. Lobbyists are barred from contributing while the legislature is in session; the savvy Mr Pilgrim worked the Senate floor during an emergency meeting.
  13. He handed the man a bottle and added sternly, "And no takum along self, savvy?

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