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Перевод слова

Перевод: sacrifice speek sacrifice

жертва ; жертвоприношение; заклание; убыток ;
жертвовать; приносить жертву; совершать жертвоприношение


  1. The animal welfarist's position, like the deep ecologist's, is committed to permitting the sacrifice of some individuals for the greater good, and even the deep ecologists, notwithstanding their glorification of sport hunting (I have in mind such legendary figures as Aldo Leopold, Ortega y Gasset and the poet Gary Snyder), might agree that more humane forms of hunting and trapping are preferable to more barbaric ones.
  2. In old villages, the greater bargaining power tended to be with the lord and the larger landowners; the peasantry lost status as they had to sacrifice more and more to find enough land to feed themselves.
  3. But sometimes when we say that every person is only required to sacrifice a little we mean that the antecedently expected sacrifice is small, i.e. that the odds that he will have to sacrifice a lot are small.
  4. The celebrations of selflessness and sacrifice are much as they were in the wartime films, but this time there seems little point in asserting them, nothing to be argued for.
  5. On the contrary, much of it - the taxation proposals in particular - is calculated to sacrifice our competitive edge.
  6. Receive the Blessed Sacrament at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass."
  7. It is a considerable sacrifice: last month Mr Ishihara sold the world rights to Simon Schuster for 275,000 - even though without Mr Morita's parts the book will be slim.
  8. But such charity was rare, for it meant real sacrifice.
  9. In the face of mounting defeats, personal losses, misery, and sacrifice, Hitler's earlier successes began to be seen in a new light, and he was now increasingly blamed for policies which had led to the war, and for his failure to terminate the war and produce the desired peace.
  10. The Hawaiians once practised human sacrifice.
  11. A half point was awarded but Stevens fought his way back into the contest scoring with a spectacular sacrifice throw and almost arm locking the much taller and heavier Kokataylo.
  12. Some say that worship means the giving of our lives to Christ, presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice to God which is our spiritual worship (Romans 12:1), and that expressing praise is relatively unimportant.
  13. Analogically the sacrament can certainly be understood as "sacrifice" in the sense that if it partakes of the reality it represents, the "once-for-all" sacrifice of Calvary is applied to us as we celebrate the victory as well as the mystery of the cross.

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