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Перевод: sack speek sack

мешок ; куль ; сак ; свободное женское платье; койка ; постель ; разграбление; белое сухое вино, ввозившееся из Испании и с Канарских островов;
класть в мешок; ссып`ать в мешок; насып`ать в мешки; уволить; грабить; отдавать на разграбление


  1. There is unanimity, though, that normally you must understand that your job is in jeopardy and have the chance to improve your standards before it will be fair to sack you.
  2. But an employer can legally sack you or your partner if he can prove it is disruptive of other work relationships, it could harm business or that it affects job performance.
  3. The tribunal has to consider whether the employer acted reasonably in deciding to sack the employee.
  4. He got up and went over to the sack.
  5. Director of specialist support for New Possibilities Fay Gerrie said she took the original decision to sack Mr Reid, who has 28 years' service at the hospital, because he was the charge nurse and therefore responsible for the villa.
  6. It is one thing for dissident ministers to buck Cabinet responsibility and risk the sack.
  7. I ran the rule over the prime candidates for Santa's early sack and under eight key ability categories rate their chances in the survival game: BRIAN CLOUGH, Nottingham Forest (Age 57, appointed January 1975.
  8. Then he reached in his sack for a pressie
  9. If you can sack a player who's been boozing
  10. Sack Kylie - she is but a cipher, a simpering, unthreatening man-pleaser.
  11. Some models will also convert from a two wheeled sack barrow into a four wheeled multi-purpose truck which is useful for moving heavy items like paving slabs.
  12. I suppose it came into my room for a few minutes to see a book I'd been telling him about, then he left and I hit the sack.
  13. Granting employers the ability to sack union leaders selectively over unofficial action was "utterly offensive and would be opposed by most sensible managers.

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