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Перевод слова

Перевод: sabotage speek sabotage

саботаж ; вредительство; диверсия ;
саботировать; организовывать диверсию; срывать; расстраивать


  1. In 1968 the Wilson government's attempts to reform the House of Lords, taking voting rights away from hereditary peers and creating a nominated group of voting life-peers, fell victim to sabotage from both Left and Right.
  2. You'll somehow sabotage your chances of success and fulfilment, albeit unconsciously.
  3. Work left on unattended open display needs to be visited regularly to check on wear and tear or even sabotage by children loyal to another school!
  4. The commencement of the major attack on Britain and "the complete destruction of the island" was now seen as urgent; Germany, it was felt, could last a third war winter, but sabotage would increase, and it would not be surprising if another "November 1918" was the result.
  5. Logic said that Jaq should execute her now - and quite justifiably too - for the murder of a world, for the sabotage of the Imperium.
  6. Police divers were sent down to check the vessel's hull for possible sabotage.
  7. In the meantime, central and local authorities have been told to take "immediate" steps to stamp out vandalism and sabotage on the railways.
  8. I was reading this article in a Playboy Magazine round at my boyfriend's place, or was it Penthouse, anyway, I seem to be spending quite a lot o' time round at my boyfriend's reading magazines and here it says how these several top U.S. psychiatrists had done this survey on how your emotions can sabotage your sexlife even if you are a man and here it blamed the sexually aggressive female of the seventies for the sexual recession of the eighties.
  9. The idealists also include extremists who are prepared to break laws and commit acts of industrial sabotage (or ecotage) in order to further their aims.
  10. Apart from concern about the possibility of a "natural" disaster in the Tunnel doubts have been raised about its security against sabotage and terrorism.
  11. Second, in some industries the employer may fear sabotage from disgruntled redundancy candidates.
  12. Last night, Roger Lyons, assistant general secretary of the white-collar union MSF, accused the federation of "sending out secret missives to chief executives instructing them to sabotage a democratically-determined voluntary levy".
  13. General Hodge met Jackson and deduced that he and some other members of UNTCOK would do all they could to sabotage American aims in south Korea.

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