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Перевод: rough speek rough

неровный; шероховатый; шершавый; неприятный; корявый; ухабистый; грубый; неотделанный; необработанный; косматый; лохматый; черновой; приблизительный; неотесанный; грубоватый; невежливый; неделикатный; жесткий; резкий; беспокойный; бурный; суровый; терпкий; тяжелый; трудный; горький; лишенный комфорта;
неровное поле; неровность ; трудный период; неприятная сторона; неотделанность ; незаконченность ; хулиган ; буян ; грубиян ; головорез ; шип подковы ;
делать грубым; делать шероховатым; допускать грубость; мириться с лишениями; терпеть лишения; ерошить; лохматить; подковать на шипы; объезжать


  1. McLeish glanced up the track to see, in the distance, another Land Rover swaying over the rough bits, and touched Teversham's elbow.
  2. Nevertheless they do provide a rough scheme for organising the multitude of empirical facts concerning the growth of unions.
  3. We would need to do this anyway because one ought to have one's ideas in some kind of order, even if the rough convergence that we have did not leave plenty of clashes remaining which, of course, it does.
  4. In the days running up to the match Rough had been cruelly accused of stealing meat from a local supermarket.
  5. The most notable thing about the Rough Wooing is not that in the end the savagery of the English attack drove the Scots away from the new idea of friendship with England and back into the arms of their natural and ancient allies, the French.
  6. So Mr Hurd will use his diplomatic skills - and his French - in Strasbourg to keep the temperature down and take the rough edges off disagreement, while advancing with pragmatic caution greater British involvement in the rapidly evolving structure of the Community.
  7. It remains a most economical breed to rear, able to thrive on rough grazing and to fatten on low-cost rations, and is a popular ranching breed, exported to more than 60 countries.
  8. On HLCAs they recommend paying the maximum EEC rates to the areas of greatest handicap; lowering the stocking limit per hectare or linking HLCAs to the area of rough grazing on a farm so that farms with the most rough grazing receive the greater payments.
  9. Broadly speaking, Conservatives rail at the box and the Left at the Press; our simple-minded observer, Joe Public, might see a rough democratic balance in that.
  10. It was really rough going on those jobs.
  11. We also own another Golden bitch and a Rough Collie bitch.
  12. Their skin is rough and sometimes striped, with a sweet and scented delicate flavour.
  13. One of his paintings shows a rough wooden gallery on a house thought to be Willy Hill.

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