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Перевод: report speek report

доклад ; сообщение; репортаж ; ответ ; отчет ; акт ; донесение; рапорт ; молва ; слух ; репутация ; слава ; табель успеваемости; выстрел ; звук взрыва; звук выстрела;
сообщать; рассказывать; описывать; делать официальное сообщение; сообщить; представлять отчет; давать отчет; отчитываться; докладывать; доносить; донести; рапортовать; составлять отчет; передавать что-л., сказанное другим лицом; высказывать мнение; отзываться; жаловаться на; выставлять обвинение; являться; докладывать о прибытии; быть под чьим-л. началом; быть подотчетным


  1. Now if one was missing, there'd be a report; "Why didn't you do this?
  2. Charities give varying reasons for entering the Annual Report and Accounts Award, from wanting to know if their report's overall structure is moving in the right direction, to learning from specific judges' criticisms, but in the end, they all boil down to a desire to improve the standard of their accounts.
  3. When the draft report was issued in May, it was universally welcomed as heralding a major step forward in the way that UK listed companies should be run.
  4. He took with him a secret report which was leaked to the Japanese press.
  5. He worked undercover in Germany and Northern Ireland, but a lieutenant provided a devastating insight when he filed a final report on Carlton, 37.
  6. The Committees behave much as a court would do in entertaining a charge and, in due course, make a report to the House in question, recommending a course of action if necessary.
  7. The report of that research - Accident risk and behavioural patterns of younger drivers , published last year - showed that more than a third of the men aged 17 to 25 were assessed as "unsafe" drivers, and suggested that this had more to do with lifestyle than with driving skills.
  8. Later, in December 1985, the Archbishop of Canterbury's committee on the inner cities presented its report, Life in the City .
  9. "The NEC report on this issue is a sham.
  10. More generally in a report by the Swiss-based IMD and World Economic Forum entitled "The World Competitiveness report" Singapore and Malaysia both boast higher domestic savings than Japan and Switzerland, ranking first and third in the world.
  11. Even the original Delors Report made it clear that "economic and monetary union form two integral parts of a single whole".
  12. Under the Parent's charter, all schools will have to provide at least one written report on the progress of each child each year.
  13. Although an interim report was submitted in May 1942, after which Shelmerdine was replaced as chairman by Lord Finlay, the committee's main recommendations became the plank of British civil aviation policy for the next three years.

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