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Перевод: rephrase



  1. Here the material will be used in the spoken rather than written form and you may want to rephrase the information accordingly.
  2. The first thing to do is to rephrase the question that everyone asks themselves, not "what would I like to grow, what do I want to grow?" but "what do I have space for, and how much time am I prepared to devote to looking after what I plant?"
  3. Frequently the evolutionary preconception in terms of which such theories are framed is implicitly group-selectionist, but it is possible to rephrase the theories in terms of orthodox gene selection.
  4. It seems that the requirement of special damage may be satisfied by potential damage, and it may be possible to rephrase the requirement in terms of the plaintiff having a special interest in or concern with the challenged action.
  5. If the computer does not understand what you have said it will ask questions, offer alternatives or tell you to rephrase your question and try again.
  6. She knows he can't, as does Porfiry who will soon rephrase her question in statement form: " You can't get on without us ."
  7. Some progress has been made in this area, since the input to such systems is typically simpler than the text to be processed in MT or IR systems, and the interactive nature of the application allows the system to resolve certain ambiguities by asking the user to rephrase the question.
  8. First you must cut out the airy speculation inside the brackets, then you must examine in what ways this is and is not a new kind of play, and then rephrase juvenilian, which at present totters between juvenile and some reference to that difficult writer of Roman satires, Juvenal, who may be an influence on Marston, but hardly on Shakespeare.
  9. Instead of using the Lasswellian framework for the study of the media's effect on, say, individual voting preferences - namely, what is "the effect of the media on the election" - Seymour-Ure suggests that one should rephrase the question as follows: "What is the function of media in the electoral process?"
  10. However, some people are more affected by nerves than others so be ready to take this into account and to give people a chance to rethink or rephrase an answer, especially if it seems out of keeping with previous answers or what you know about them from their c.v.
  11. Let me rephrase it.
  12. As in the case of internal parasites, we should now rephrase the whole matter in terms of genes and extended phenotypes.
  13. If I come to a word like meteorological, that is apt to give me trouble, I discreetly rephrase!

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