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Перевод: repair speek repair

ремонт ; исправление; починка ; восстановление; репарация ; годность ; исправность ;
ремонтировать; подремонтировать; чинить; исправлять; поправлять; восстанавливать; возмещать; отправляться; направляться; часто навещать; часто посещать; прибегать к


  1. THE Government is quite prepared to fork out millions to repair the damage at Windsor Castle yet it is obviously happy for Merseyside's historic Cammell Laird shipyard to sink without a trace.
  2. What looks like a fairly minor scrape would cost me the best part of a planned skiing trip at Christmas to repair if this wasn't a company car.
  3. Binding later described how he was told "to arrange a crew and equipment, ladders, steps, scaffolding, cylinders of hydrogen and personnel for repair of airship skin and everything I thought necessary to salvage this airship.
  4. Many firms in manufacturing and repair operations use outworkers who perform the work in their own homes, being paid for each completed piece.
  5. The word is that the usurper, or those acting in his name, have sent out a call for all Scots lords and landed men to repair there, to Annan, to do homage to him.
  6. Work began last July to repair the weather vane and to replace the original plaster, joinery and copperwork , all of which had been damaged by the weather over the years.
  7. Be sure to understand their needs and aspirations and counterbalance any pessimistic reports they may have received about the church's condition and the cost of repair.
  8. Further down on the same side are the remains of Foxholes Side Lock, which served Foxholes Basin, now filled in. the banks hereabouts are in a poor state of repair and restoration has been in progress between here and the m62 Trans-Pennine Motorway bridge.
  9. The front fuselage is an aluminium-skinned steel-tube structure, making its interior easily accessible for inspection and repair, while aft of the cabin is a stressed-skin monocoque.
  10. I think it is quite beyond repair, Charles, as you will see."
  11. Check and repair the roof, woodwork, windows, doors, pointing, plumbing, heating, and so on.
  12. On completion the repair is primed and painted in the normal way.
  13. Sandra began collecting several years ago after a large repair bill for a timepiece prompted her to learn the intricate ins and outs of their workings.

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