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Перевод слова

Перевод: renovate speek renovate

подновлять; ремонтировать; поправлять; восстанавливать; освежать; обновлять


  1. And there are always builders looking for cheap properties to renovate.
  2. The Government has announced plans for local housing authorities to compete against each other for part of the money they need to renovate their stock.
  3. FINDING a grand old house to renovate is an ambition cherished by thousands.
  4. On the eve of his first visit to India Curtis confided to an associate that the great task which lay ahead was "to renovate the soul of the Indian people".
  5. It also gives time to improve fencing and drainage, extend water supply and renovate buildings without overtaxing yourself in the early stages.
  6. It took the form of contracts for three firms to renovate residences belonging to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, the state corporation responsible for public-owned housing.
  7. The trust agreed to renovate the houses and sell them back to their former owners for the cost of the work and the trust's expenses, less the value of grants obtained.
  8. There are also ideas and schemes to purchase and renovate many of the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century quintas around the island and to re-open them as small hotels.
  9. These are primarily to help buy, extend or renovate a surgery or consulting rooms.
  10. Steel and textiles are examples, though the government would reply that it is good marketing policy to renovate machinery, improve productivity and quality.
  11. In 1988, the Carrickfergus Gasworks Preservation Society was formed as a charitable trust to renovate the gasworks and establish a gas museum.
  12. In contrast, liberals of various party allegiances viewed the same body rather as a Pioneer Corps to shore up and renovate Britain's derelict constitutional edifice.

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