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Перевод слова

Перевод: rely speek rely

полагаться; надеяться; зависеть


  1. She had told me that I might rely on their destruction, but the note which she left directing this had become deeply embedded among them.
  2. Normally, for those in good health, it is better to rely on one or more of the commonsense aids to a good night's sleep.
  3. An international company is likely to rely on agents to sell its products to the country's markets.
  4. They consequently have to rely on their own doubtful experiences and their imperfect reasoning.
  5. Kendall cannot rely on the likes of Barry Horne, who has not scored since the first day of the season, and youngster Billy Kenny to ease the burden on his goal-shy strikers.
  6. Although there is no fundamental objection to life-long medication - many diabetics rely on daily injections of insulin with no prospect of stopping - no drug is without hazard, and the longer the treatment continues, the stronger the case should be for it.
  7. The ITV companies rely on advertising revenue for their funds, while the BBC is funded out of the licence lee which must be paid by all those who possess a television receiver.
  8. You can rely on these keen-eyed bowmen to whittle down the enemy's numbers as they advance.
  9. Rely on granny
  10. One official said last night: "It would be disingenuous to rely on the Vietnamese.
  11. This activity has earned the gratitude and, indeed, the respect of hacks such as myself, who have come to rely on the OHE's booklets and fact sheets and other publications as accurate and marvellously convenient source material.
  12. The other is to rely on other data which it is hoped might serve as indicators of satisfaction.
  13. We do not have to fear predators in the same way as do other animals, but because we are social beings and rely upon others for survival, learning and fulfilment in life, company is essential.

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