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Перевод слова

Перевод: relief speek relief

запасной; вспомогательный; рельефный;
облегчение; утешение; смягчение; разнообразие; перемена ; контраст ; помощь ; пособие по безработице; подкрепление; выручка ; снятие осады; смена ; освобождение; рельеф ; рельеф местности; характер местности; рельефность ; четкость


  1. The size and range of the relief activities undertaken shows the strength of public support for the Spanish Republican government.
  2. There is only one point of relief.
  3. It required but a single coincidence, whereby an apparent answer to a prayer arrived at the appropriate time, to make him believe that his objects of supplication had powers beyond himself, and had brought him relief.
  4. Most players like to have some relief but they know with him that no matter how much he is hurting he will go on."
  5. And, while not denying the severity of Poland's problems, the scale of economic hardship and poverty facing Africa makes them stand out as candidates for debt relief.
  6. The most accomplished of the Benin castings are the high relief plaques of around the 17th century.
  7. March brought no real relief in bad weather conditions.
  8. Later, David talks of his relief at not having to listen any more to "the music of the Parliamentary bagpipes", though he recognizes "the old drone" in the newspapers ( DC 48).
  9. I don't know whether enjoyed it as he was sound asleep for the first 8 miles, but he certainly wasn't complaining either - a merciful relief!
  10. Central to Agricultural Relief, as with the other elements of the popular movement, remained the belief that the community had to set the agenda of priorities and participate in seeking solutions.
  11. We will maintain mortgage tax relief.
  12. To the relief of the nursemaids, Victoria's mood of weepy apathy subsided.
  13. I had gone too far and experienced too much, I needed to slow down, to get back to the small things, the practical things, to measuring and cutting and fixing, and it was with relief that I noticed that daylight had begun to invade the room, I kept quite still, I held the glass firmly in my gaze, gradually the elements already worked on began to emerge, some more clearly than others, some in outline only and some only when they impeded the free flow of light through the glass, until the sun came up and was reflected back from the windows of the house opposite and I could sit and look at the glass and think back through the work and the mistakes and the few successes, and sense again with that sickening feeling in the pit of the stomach that the whole of the right hand side of the lower panel was still a mess, nothing there had been resolved, but then I drew back from that, though it kept trying to pull me back to itself, and concentrated on what was beginning to work, on the left hand areas both top and bottom and on the elegance of the frame and the joy of seeing the bare walls and the wainscoting appear through the empty areas, and as I moved round so different parts of the room appeared and the relation of the surface of the glass to what lay behind changed, precision and fluidity, precision and fluidity, he wrote, choice and chance, not choice alone and chance alone but the two together, that is why delay, not stoppage and not flow but delay, delay in glass, he wrote, as when the plane is late and you should have been gone, have already arrived perhaps, but you are still there, or the sprinter beats the gun and the whole field is called back, the race could have been over but it has not yet started.

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