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Перевод: release speek release

освобождение; высвобождение; облегчение; оправдательный документ; документ о передаче права или имущества; избавление; расписка ; разрешение на демонстрацию; разрешение на публикацию; опубликованный материал; сообщение для печати; сбрасывание; выпуск фильма; новый фильм; разъединение; расцепление; отбой ; выключение; расцепляющий механизм; размыкающий автомат; версия ; редакция ;
освобождать; отпускать; выпускать; выпустить в свет; выпускать на волю; пускать; избавлять; облегчать; прощать долг; отказываться; отказаться; передавать другому; увольнять; демобилизовать; сбрасывать; выпускать фильм; разрешать демонстрацию; разрешать публикацию; раскрывать; разобщать; расцеплять


  1. Release Slade In Flame now and show that big screen glam didn't have to be a total sham.
  2. If you have quick release wheels, take off the front wheel and lock it to the frame and back wheel.
  3. His latest release programmes three of the most lyrically inspired Sonatas of the entire canon, and this time with stunning results.
  4. Prisons should be places which are austere but decent, providing a busy and positive regime which prepared prisoners for their ultimate release.
  5. It is in this context that the estimated release of 370 curies of Po from Windscale should be viewed.
  6. However, at higher concentrations collagen also causes release of ADP from platelet granules and this is independent of the prostaglandin pathway.
  7. Wherever the pressure occurred, a different tactic had to be developed to release it.
  8. On the other hand, Microsoft's own Windows 3 program, developed separately, has sold 10 million copies since its 1990 release.
  9. DoH Press Release H91/369, 5 August 1991.
  10. A press release from Fender Musical Instruments Corporation informs us that a settlement has been reached during preliminary legal proceedings against GL Music Sales for "direct infringement" in the use of the Fender name and trademarks.
  11. Their treatment caused three hundred miners to demonstrate spontaneously outside Lincoln Prison for their release.
  12. Even more extraordinary was the fact that Nelson Mandela, the sixth and most eminent member of the group, appeared to have negotiated the terms of the release of his colleagues, who are expected to be freed this weekend.
  13. It is far better to determine the moment of release by positive control from the ground.

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