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Перевод слова

Перевод: relate speek relate

рассказывать; устанавливать связь; связывать; определять соотношение; относиться; иметь отношение; быть связанным; состоять в родстве


  1. You're coming over so that we can discuss the demand that the women's movement is making for free contraception and abortion on demand, and the strategy that our local women's group might develop in struggling for that at a local level, how we relate to other women and groups of women in the area, how the abortion issue relates to other ones.
  2. As soon as several partners are involved the need for good financial control systems is emphasised by the need to maintain equity between partners and perhaps relate profit shares to job profitability.
  3. Instead, extraordinarily tenuous arguments were used to relate the competition results to Scott's appointment.
  4. First, there is the lunch-break story (though it is not entirely clear that this relates to the very last meeting: it might relate to 5 November).
  5. If they relate only to markets within the Territories will contribute to the cost of carrying out the necessary work at a rate to be negotiated.
  6. Some of the former private enterprise managers (notably E. H. E. Woodward on the Central Authority and Harry Randall at the London Board) had seen from the beginning that proper decentralisation required that the Boards relate capital expenditure to revenue-earning potential in order to retain direct control of their financial viability; and outside commentators were sometimes surprised that the Boards' decisions on capital expenditure to meet statutory obligations were made quite separately from the revenue estimates which determined their profitability.
  7. Yet, when faced once again with war between north and south, Christian and Moor, they found themselves unable to relate to their brothers in France or Italy, who in turn regarded them as scandalously Islamicised.
  8. Some relate to factors that are already recognised (sleeping position, environmental temperature, smoking) and others offer new avenues for research.
  9. She proceeded to relate the interview, keeping nothing back apart from the effect it had had on her, but Nick knew her too well to be fooled.
  10. What we have to do is to come up with some set of criteria which relate to the relative value we are prepared, if pressed, to attribute to a particular form of special treatment.
  11. The more manageable numbers make it easier for us to relate to one another.
  12. In this space write in your own words one thing that you have learnt about how to relate to teachers.
  13. "I actually thought they would relate a lot more.

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