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Перевод слова

Перевод: rejection speek rejection

отклонение; непринятие; отказ ; самоотвод ; отсортировка ; браковка ; признание негодным; извержение


  1. It may consist in a rejection of the notion that there are identifiable stages, or that talking of stages is a useful way of visualizing evolution.
  2. The strongest rejection of the new approach tends to be a reluctance to charge for the product.
  3. The body, the flesh, had been rejected and they were the consequence of this rejection.
  4. Nevertheless, one ought not to underplay significantly the degree of consensus aimed for in England and Wales through consultation and extensive teacher participation in National Curriculum syllabus working groups, even if this system was rather undermined by the government's rejection of several of the history working party's recommendations.
  5. Yet the irony was that there was no support in Cabinet for the proposals and they had almost reached the point of rejection when the leak took place.
  6. (Which is a hark back to Morrissey's rejection of accepted patterns of life.
  7. His rejection by Miss Bedwelty was unkind.
  8. The rejection of the theory of hylemorphism, according to which natural phenomena and the properties of things are to be understood in terms of form and matter, is implicit in Bacon.
  9. They find the courage to face their neglect and rejection, and see it as a blessing in disguise to give them, at last, the freedom from the constant humiliation which was apparent during their time together.
  10. The reason they are more powerful is that economic liberalism did, indeed, help cause the tumult of 1989, by inspiring a dangerous mix - an overheated economy, rampant corruption and rejection of the party.
  11. To suggest from within the institution that these influential and powerful units of control are essentially ephemeral and arbitrary constructs, involved in very limited and narrow areas of practice, will almost certainly lead to a rejection of the account; and the findings are more than likely to be attributed the same metaphorical rejection as the activities of the villains and criminals, as was illustrated in the response to the study undertaken by the Policy Studies Institute outlined above.
  12. Assuming an offer has been accepted in unqualified terms (a counter-offer for example is tantamount to a rejection of the original offer), a valid contract must show each contracting party will receive some benefit, in money or money's worth - in technical terms, "consideration".
  13. Strange as it may seem, some people have more difficulty in handling or expressing warm, loving feelings than negative, angry ones; or it may feel as if they have to keep a tighter reign on the loving feelings, which they perceive as making them more vulnerable to rejection and disappointment.

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