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Перевод слова

Перевод: refuse speek refuse

негодный; ничего не ст`оящий; опровержимый;
отбросы ; мусор ; утильсырье; подонки ; остатки ; отходы ; выжимки ; угар ; очески [текст.] ; брак ; отвал породы;
отказывать; отказаться; отказываться; отвергать; заартачиться


  1. categorically refuse any attempts to build unsuitable tourist developments in the National Parks
  2. The purchaser (in this case the retailer) can refuse to accept the goods if they arrive later than the agreed delivery date.
  3. Then repeat the above but, this time, pause for a moment before any action while you consciously refuse to sit down or stand up in your normal way.
  4. Further to this, Levin claims that Debord "does not disparage pleasure" and yet argues elsewhere in the essay that his films deliberately refuse to make concessions to the viewer.
  5. But Rome did not merely refuse to send any representative to Amsterdam.
  6. The similarly complex system developed by the waTengo was based on a pattern in which grass, weeds and crop refuse were composted in Pits which were retained in both cropping and fallow periods.
  7. But what seems to be in question is the right to choose otherwise - to refuse the procedures used to detect abnormality.
  8. No one has yet been able to stand up to that complex and refuse to give it the money.
  9. They could refuse to carry out tasks, because ultimately they were accountable to their professional body, the UKCC, Mr Rowden said.
  10. If you are faced with this, the only thing to do is to refuse to be drawn into any fruitless arguments, but stand firm in your resolve to leave when you feel you must, assuring her of your affection and concern for her and your intention to visit her again as soon as you can.
  11. If you are the victim of a game refuse to take on the bad feeling it leaves you with.
  12. In accordance with the natural role of freedom, men and women are free to accept the one whom they want, to refuse the one they do not want.
  13. Britain might take part in naval manoeuvres or keep military supplies in the region, but will refuse any request to station troops there.

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