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Перевод: reform speek reform

реформа ; преобразование; исправление; улучшение;
улучшать; улучшаться; преобразовывать; реформировать; переделывать; перестраивать; перестраиваться; переформировывать; перековываться; исправлять; исправляться; искоренять


  1. The completion of the Group's work represents a considerable achievement, and it is on the basis of the Group's advice on attainment targets and programmes of study that we now make jointly our formal proposals for key stages 2 to 4 in accordance with the provisions laid down in the Education Reform Act.
  2. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the continuing reform of company law has tried to strike a balance between all of those parties which have an interest in the corporation - shareholders, creditors, directors, customers, suppliers and employees.
  3. A CAP reform should pay farmers for improving the look of the countryside - but proportionately to the physical results, and even-handedly between small farms and large ones.
  4. Financial Secretary Hamish Macleod denied the move was a snub to the Chinese government in Peking which is already enraged by Governor Chris Patten's plans for democratic reform.
  5. The union reform that was won by these workers benefited the working class in general.
  6. The CEOs' answer is a reform of the US tort system - with particular emphasis on the need for proportionate liability a regulatory curb on unwarranted litigation, and a need to permit the incorporation of audit firms with limited liability.
  7. There was a herdbook from 1920 until 1957 when it was found to fail to breed true, but attempts are now being made to reform the breed society.
  8. He writes that while the state plan of the day was "coming apart at the seams", Khrushchev was toying with radical reform that would reshape the Stalinist economy, and pondering sweeping changes in the constitution of 1936.
  9. He was also associated with the preparation of the 1988 White Paper on political reform, another constitutional milestone, and is now tipped to succeed Donald Liao, the outgoing Secretary for District Administration, as a member of the Sino-British Joint Liaision Group, the diplomatic body which monitors technical aspects of the transition.
  10. Smith's campaign manager, Robin Cook, appears confident that his candidate will come round to endorsing electoral reform.
  11. Mr Abalkin, outlined three possible reform variants.
  12. Jimmy's real-life drama will intensify over NHS reform.
  13. The Prime Minister told the Head of the Civil Service (who was still nominally in charge of the Cabinet Office, too, to avoid a conflict of status between Brook and General Sir Hastings Ismay, who had been Military Secretary to the Cabinet throughout the war and did not leave Whitehall till 1947) what he wanted as the ingredients of reform:

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