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Перевод слова

Перевод: refer speek refer

посылать; отсылать; направлять; обращаться; наводить справку; справляться; приписывать; объяснять; относить; ссылаться; сослаться; упоминать; упомянуть; говорить; передавать на рассмотрение; иметь отношение; относиться


  1. Here we refer to the DNA binding activity in whole cell extracts which recognizes the E2F site as DRTF1/E2F.
  2. Negotiations took place with the orthopaedic department to enable me to refer my own patients.
  3. For example, the adjectives affable and amiable which describe Mrs Moreen and her family refer to a superficial benignity of manner, rather than to the more solid social qualities which would be suggested by such Anglo-Saxon equivalents as friendly and kind-hearted.
  4. Doctors refer to this as secondary lactase deficiency .
  5. We need to refer to them because they are a significant element of style, but we shall not in general distinguish them formally from linguistic categories.
  6. He claims, for instance, that Locke's "intellectual bias" characterises "our present use of language", presumably using "our" to refer to himself and fellow academics but failing to make the restriction clear.
  7. In other words, to refer back to the discussion in the previous section, an understanding of theory is needed for evaluation.
  8. We know this to refer to a decorated water-spout, usually found in church architecture.
  9. The letters "c" and "x" refer to the dilution factor used in the preparation of the remedy and it need not concern us here, as to all practical intents and purposes for home prescribing the difference is negligible.
  10. Both terms refer to styles of depicting the arms of spouses on a single shield.
  11. However, the exhibition does not necessarily refer back to the previous event, and there is hardly ever a sense of continuing from where the previous exhibition left off.
  12. If you roll a misfire refer to the Misfire Chart.
  13. Occupational welfare may include tangible benefits such as non-contributory pensions, company cars or cheap loans, but may also refer to less tangible aspects of employment like the number and range of hours worked, the working environment and effects on health or future prospects.

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