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Перевод слова

Перевод: recruit speek recruit

новобранец ; новичок ; призывник ; рекрут ; набор новобранцев; новый член;
вербовать; завербовать; набирать новобранцев; привлекать к участию; пополнять; комплектовать; укреплять


  1. Perhaps he is the Quorn's latest recruit for getting badgers out of the ground.
  2. Since this would require a constitutional change it is not likely to recruit many supporters, but the unions have some powerful government supporters on their side.
  3. On Thursday An Phoblacht, the Sinn Fein newspaper, specified two documents revealing details of an MI5 operation, code-named Ward, to recruit informers within the Irish community in West Germany.
  4. Meanwhile the "Recruit" sailed on to join the Fleet at Barbados.
  5. He's the smiling innocent who so trusts the sharks he meets in his various roles - newspaper reporter, army recruit, spy, racing bike rider or whatever - that he continually lands himself in trouble, forcing him back on reserves of charm, and his skill with a ukulele, to secure his escape.
  6. Against Slough, she saved a penalty stroke from Karen Brown but was beaten six times - twice by Brown and twice by another GB striker, Kate Parker, the Slough captain, with further goals coming from Lesley Hobley and Sue Chandler, Slough's latest recruit.
  7. Where there is a real emergency, the best tactic is to go straight out on to the street and recruit signatures.
  8. It is the finale of two of the recruit courses: the Regular recruits have spent eight weeks at the WRAC Centre completing an intensive course which provides a young woman with all the basic military skills Which she will require to be able to take her place alongside her male counterpart in the modern British Army.
  9. There was a vital need to recruit fresh men and to replenish stores.
  10. For example, there may be restrictions on the catchment area from which you can expect to recruit, or particular requirements in terms of communication about the vacancy.
  11. As it was getting late, it was time to recruit the assistance of a second machine to get the job done on time.
  12. Low pay has made it difficult for HMIP to recruit and keep adequately qualified staff.
  13. Any similarities with the picture above are purely coincidental, but P J Ferry of the Penarth Branch through we should meet the latest recruit to 1148 (Penarth) ATC.

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