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Перевод слова

Перевод: rear speek rear

задний; расположенный сзади; тыльный; тыловой;
тыл ; задняя сторона; дыбы ; спина ; зад ; ягодицы ; огузок ; отхожее место; уборная ;
поднимать; воздвигать (памятник); сооружать; разводить; развести; выводить; выращивать; культивировать; вскармливать; выкармливать; выкормить; растить и воспитывать; воспитывать; возносить; возвышать; становиться на дыбы


  1. Although castellated and towered at the front, the Castle is in fact a perfectly ordinary farmhouse behind the faade, and its rear elevation is plain and workmanlike.
  2. A helpful, somewhat overstated hotel doorman gave me instant directions, from which I found myself in the shadow of Vine Street facing what seemed to be a series of rear entrances to a rather less than impressive warehouse.
  3. Undoubtedly a major factor here is the 5ins longer wheelbase and wider front and rear tracks.
  4. Outside, in the street, her car is parked, a red six-year-old Renault Five with a yellow sticker in its rear window, "BRITAIN NEEDS ITS UNIVERSITIES."
  5. Beyond them other streets with narrow rear alleyways and outside lavatories stretched all the way to the main road.
  6. The leading set can be rounded into a near cylindrical section while the rear set retains hard edges.
  7. If the garage has a "flat" roof, it will have a slight drainage slope, which may be to the side or the rear.
  8. The driver of the same express was killed a year earlier when his locomotive careered into the rear of a stationary train from Basingstoke which had stopped to report a signals fault.
  9. I have unsuccessfully been searching for a set of military rear bumpers.
  10. Under the Dangerous Dogs Act, all pit bulls must be registered, neutered, and have an identification number tattooed on their inner rear thigh and a microchip identifier inserted into the scruff of their neck.
  11. Tyres fitted are 16.9 28 fronts and then massive 30.5 times 32s on the rear.
  12. Bent double, nipping to the car boot to get the drug bag, I see the car's rear window has been bashed in; broken glass shards cover the rear seat.
  13. Not so rear legroom, which, despite an extra inch, still forces those in front to compromise to make it a comfortable four-seater

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