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Перевод слова

Перевод: realize speek realize

осуществлять; выполнять; реализовать; представлять себе; понимать; осознавать; сознавать; превращать в деньги; продавать; получать прибыль; приносить доход


  1. The dogs howl and whine at first, then realize that they have finished for the day.
  2. Humanist psychologists realize that gender relations affect this subject.
  3. It is important to realize that a deal's merits should not be judged solely on the size of the advance and the royalties being offered.
  4. They may know more than they realize, for it may be only on the occasion of a question that they see or realize applications and utilities of writings with which they are perfectly familiar.
  5. Don't you realize how extremely proud that man was?
  6. It took me quite a few years to realize that my timing was terrible - the repercussions of being born then were enormous.
  7. But it is important to realize that these goals are not the manifestation of personal motives cast adrift from organizational moorings, neither are they disembodied acts committed in some metaphysical sense by corporations.
  8. And then, when you find they say it in the fourth year, they mean it and you begin to look at yourself and realize what colour you are.
  9. Within a few days of his election he already knew that the way to realize this "new Pentecost" was an Ecumenical Council.
  10. The people fled, only to realize that the teacher had been left behind, so they went back to try and save him.
  11. In following my ideology, I realize that balance is very important: eggs, shellfish and cheese are all high in cholesterol, so I don't overdo my love of all three.
  12. We shall not have his own view of his archiepiscopal obligations in proper perspective unless we realize that local territorial disputes were much more likely to precipitate a final crisis than any ecclesiastical issue.
  13. Learning to explain their feelings to the child also helps the child realize the impact of his or her behaviour on the parent.

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