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Перевод слова

Перевод: reaffirm

подтверждать; вновь подтверждать


  1. Problematisation of "images of women" criticism and its counterpart in realist documentary film-making became a major theme in feminist film criticism of the mid to late 1970s, on the grounds that realism created an illusory notion of transparency which could only reaffirm, not undermine dominant common-sense notions of the subject as (bourgeois) individual and of reality as fixed, accessible and "there".
  2. His sole purpose was to defend his stewardship and reaffirm his policy before the audience of the loyal in the ballroom of the Winter Gardens.
  3. Teachers reaffirm their commitment to their pupils and schools.
  4. The first step will come next week when Kenneth Clarke, Secretary of State for Health, uses the Conservative Party conference at Blackpool to reaffirm his commitment to changing the NHS and set out a justification for the forthcoming legislation.
  5. Far from slaughtering their ancestors ("Kill Yr Idols") Sonic Youth reaffirm their heroic, historic significance.
  6. Mr Gorbachev insists, as a condition to German confederation, that the 35 - which include the US and Canada, as well as the two Germanys and all other European states except Albania - must formally reaffirm the permanence of the Oder-Neisse line, the present Polish-German border.
  7. The presence of the criminal allows the rest to draw together and reaffirm their values.
  8. But those are ceremonial events in which citizens reaffirm their surrender of sovereignty and their carelessness of their personal autonomy.
  9. Mythological stories about them suggest they are necessarily seen in this simplistic way to reaffirm to "real polises" that it is they who are the true inhabitants of the pragmatic world of conflict and action.
  10. He continued sending her letters in which he would religiously detail the fortunes of The Wedding Present and continually reaffirm his deep love for her.
  11. These are governed by an often unwritten series of transformations, creating homologies which reaffirm operational practice and which are determined by a definitive, but rarely acknowledged rationale.
  12. In facing such a directly political proposal, mainstream reviews reverted to some tried and trusted critical tools in order to reaffirm the gap between fact and fiction, politics and culture, that the film is attempting to narrow.
  13. Even Mrs Thatcher felt obliged to dismiss talk of plots against her as "bunkum and balderdash" and to reaffirm her commitment to lead the party into the next election.

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