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Перевод слова

Перевод: reactive speek reactive

реагирующий; дающий реакцию; противодействующий; возвратный; реактивный


  1. But it is our considered judgement that this knowledge did not have the reactive effect which the sensitive nature of the issue might suggest.
  2. The makers of The Real World have dreamed up a box of stunts to demonstrate the potential of what they call "viewer reactive television".
  3. Lison-Tolosana, for example, has shown that suffering imposed by elders on their juniors leads the juniors to take a more or less hostile and reactive view of history (Lison-Tolosana, 1966).
  4. It is impossible to know the extent to which this knowledge had a reactive effect in the field, although the research was designed in such a way as to try to establish, as well as one ever could, whether there was a mask behind which respondents were concealing their true behaviour and feelings.
  5. One is to let the experience come to you (reactive) and the other, to deliberately seek it out (proactive).
  6. The one between two fused six-membered rings are the most reactive.
  7. We should not regard this situation lightly or allow ourselves to fall into a purely reactive management position.
  8. Teams are often reactive and concerned with routine.
  9. Banking in particular, seems particularly susceptible to failures in foreign markets caused by reactive pressures - much of the Third World debt problems can be traced to banks looking for easy foreign expansion routes when faced by lack of growth in domestic markets.
  10. Instead they would be forced into a "reactive" relationship with the governing body and thus the school could lose the creative and professional energies that have made it so effective.
  11. development of listening (and, as appropriate, reactive) skills in non-reciprocal situations;
  12. Mr Reilly says he wants to stop being reactive.
  13. "Many other chemicals are far more highly reactive, probably more toxic, certainly more flammable.

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